If you’re one of the 12 million households in the United States with a well as a main source of water, you know that spring is a complicated time with more than a few problems. Wells can be susceptible to different types of contamination amongst other issues. Don’t let well water problems spring up on you this season!

Agricultural Runoff

If you live in the rural areas of the Lehigh Valley, agricultural runoff is a very real threat to your well water. Often happening during the changing of seasons, irrigation water from farm fields travels far, carried by melting snow, and accumulating farm-based pollutants. If your well is placed on low-ground, it’s best to get your water tested instead of risking sediment and debris from animal excrement, poisonous pesticides, or plant material from contaminating your water.

Salt Well Water Contamination

Salt is naturally occurring in some places around the world, but why is salt an especially big concern in spring in colder regions? Because of road salt! As the snow melts, the dissolved and left over salt crystals find their way into streams, ground water, aquifers, and water tables. Eventually, the water sources will lead to your well and contaminate your well water. That is why spring is a great time to call Lehigh Valley Water Systems for water testing. If your well water is too contaminated, it might be time to instal a Reverse Osmosis filtration system. Thankfully, we can help with that too!

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Unpleasant Smells

Despite not being a health concern, unpleasant smells caused by escaping hydrogen sulfide gas during thawing phases can be an inconvenience that won’t stay confined to your well. With the movement through pipes, these smells can stink up your entire home. The off-putting smell akin to sewage or rotting eggs not only deters visitors to your home, but can also cost a lot of money from troubleshooting. The smell of sulfur – or rotting eggs – is often one of the tell-tale signs of a gas leak and if you don’t suspect it’s coming from something as harmless as your well water, it can be a frightening experience!

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