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At Lehigh Valley Water Systems, we solve water problems – and here’s how:

We solve hard to tackle water issues like iron, sulfur, nitrites, bacteria and more!

Guide to Better Understanding Your Water

Our water softeners are produced locally and specifically designed for the Lehigh Valley’s water. We are a LOCAL and EXPERIENCED company ready to serve you.

Our belief is that all customers should be treated like family. Our faith and values guide our treatment of our customers.

Water Softeners

Why worry about Water Hardness?
Why Use a Water Softener? 

  • Soap & shampoo lathers better and won’t leave stains or buildup on your sinks and bathtubs
  • Dishes clean more easily and dry spot-free
  • Clothes come out of the laundry cleaner, softer & brighter
  • Water Heater & Appliances last longer with less maintenance
  • Removes harmful chemicals and minerals

Drinking Systems

Tap water is typically a go-to source for drinking water, however as many know, it is not always the best for you. At times, public water sources carry harmful contaminants polluted by animal waste, fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides and more. The water treatment facilities do their best to remove these harmful organisms, metals, and other water contaminants, however not always. Additionally, if you have a well on your property, it isn’t usually regulated by the government which could mean you could be at risk of some particle contamination if you do not have the proper filtration system. Furthermore, by having one of our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Treatment Systems installed, you can filter your water to perfection, ridding of harmful microscopic organisms and heavy metals. So thanks to our water filter systems, you can say goodbye to bottled water and hello to delicious tasting, clean water, keeping you happy and healthy.

Water Evaluations

Learn more about common impurities such as  Chlorine

  • Cloudy water

  • Iron water and manganese

  • Acid water and hard water

  • Algae, mold, and bacteria

  • Nitrates

  • Chlorine

We will also customize a solution to fix these containments.

Professional Installations

With over 35 years in the water system business, including filtration system installations, water treatment systems services, and evaluations, we know good, clean water. Likewise, our professional experts will help you understand your water and what water system is the best for you and your family to keep away from hard water, harmful pollutants, and have crystal clear water for years to come. Above all, our water filtration experts won’t give you the run around, offering honest, knowledgeable answers to all of your questions. Let us help you keep your water clean. Call Lehigh Valley Water Systems today!