Whole House Filter Prep with 2510 1" Control Valve

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Filter Prep Water filtration systems make it easy to enjoy cleaner, healthier, better tasting water throughout your home. Whether for drinking, cooking, bathing or laundry, Filter Prep will improve the quality of your water.

Your water could contain chemical contaminants from pesticides, petroleum, solvents, or a variety of sources. Some water contains lead, mercury or other heavy metals. Filter Prep has a variety of units to remove these contaminants.

With a Filter Prep water filtration system, you can protect appliances, household plumbing, and your water heater by reducing sediment, sand or rust that can damage plumbing and appliances.
Filter Prep automatic filters can eliminate iron, sulfur and odor from your water supply 24 hours a day, in most cases, without having filter cartridges to change or chemicals to purchase.

Filter Prep System features:

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Ultraviolet Purification

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How does UV work? The ultraviolet rays attack harmful infectious microorganisms in your water, efficiently limiting their ability to reproduce.

UV systems are highly recommended to those who may suspect giardia, E. coli, cryptosporidium or other types of bacteria and viruses in their water.


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Acid Neutralizer System

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Designed to elevate PH on homes with acidic water, or PH below 7. Acidic water is a common water quality issue for customers on a well throughout the Lehigh Valley. Our Acid Neutralizer Systems are virtually maintenance free; and the system does not use harsh chemicals. The internal media is customized depending on PH levels. System sizing is customized dependent on household size and PH levels.
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Whole House Cartridge Filter

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Our systems are designed so customers can change the internal filter easily themselves only as needed. The cartridge itself is see-through, so customers can easily tell when it needs to be changed. We supply the installation, extra filters and a wrench for easy filter changes. Our filters can be customized depending on water quality, household size, and customer need.

Well Tanks

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We service and install well tanks.
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AIO3 Ozone Generator

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Ozone has been proven to have a much higher disinfection potential compared to all other disinfectants available for use today. It effectively kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites in the media bed, including those causing human disease and food spoilage. Naturally occurring from sunlight, ultraviolet rays and lightning, ozone is nature’s way of controlling bacteria growth within our environment. Unlike other water treatment processes, ozone oxidation is a natural, chemical-free process that produces zero wastewater and leaves behind oxygen molecules much like the ones in the air we breathe.

AIO3 Ozone Generator Features:

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