Some of you may recall our Winterizing Your Water Softener guide, but did you know it’s also important to de-winterize?

1. De-Winterizing Hoses

If you drained the water softener, you’ll need to close any drain valves that had been opened and reconnect any cut pipes to drain them. Most water softeners come with start-up instructions that include checking the salt leveling of the tank – make sure the salt moves freely up and down without blockages

2. Restore the Bypass Valve

Set it to the ‘service’ position or the ‘not-bypass’ position. Find the valve in your manual for best instructions as valve locations may vary by model and age of the device. Either way, pushing the bypass knob will stop routing water through the water softening equipment. Then, re-set the valve by pushing the knob into the ‘out’ position.

3. Lubricate the Water Softening Valve

After being left off for a long time, the bypass valve may be difficult to handle and needs lubrication. Use silicone-based lubricant to avoid damage!

4. Turn on Power

5. Check For Leaks

6. Set the Clock

Your unit needs to have a properly set clock dial to guarantee your equipment will operate on a proper schedule. 

The dials should allow you to set the right time of day, hour of recharge, and frequency of recharges.

De-Winterizing Your Water Softener

7. Check Salt Levels

One water softener salt tanks, there is no cap on the main tube and it’s possible to spill salt into the tube when replenishing salt. If your water softener is not working, a salt contamination might be the cause.

8. Clean Your Unit’s Reservoir

Cleaning your Water Softener is simple. Pour a cup or two of household bleach depending on tank size. Don’t allow it to sit or it will become concentrated and damage the parts. Then, set the water softener to perform a manual recharge cycle, cleaning your unit without damaging your septic system

9. Perform an Extra Regeneration Cycle

While this process doesn’t seem difficult, it’s best left to the pros at Lehigh Valley Water Systems. However, you can check here for other DIY questions concerning your water softener, electrical, damage assessment, and more!

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