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Homeowners and businesses having been relying on Lehigh Valley Water Systems for their water filtration and water softening needs for years. Whether you live on a private well or city/municipal water, Emmaus’s water is know to been very hard. Hard water is damaging to plumbing and appliances, dries out your skin and hair, etches dishes, and is HARD to live with.

Emmaus homeowners can rest assured that we live here, work here, and care about our community. Our owners Ben and Barry Long are engaged in the local Emmaus community. Not only do we want to serve you and your family’s water needs, we want to give you a customer service experience unlike any other. We treat you as a member of our family, because the Lehigh Valley is our home too!

Our Emmaus Services

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At Lehigh Valley Water Systems, we are here to serve Emmaus residents for all their water filtration and water softening needs.