Spring may be on its way but in the Lehigh Valley, we know that the cold isn’t going away anytime soon!

Insulate Your Water Heater

Most new water heaters have built-in insulation, but for older models you might need a little extra help bundling up your unit. The standard tank-type gas water heater is found in most homes, heating cold water and storing hot water until it’s needed through convection. This means that hot water rises as it’s heated, using the force of gravity to send hot water through your home. Insulating your hot water tank ensures that that heat isn’t wasted, dispersing through the outer metal shell and into a cold basement or alcove.

Efficiency Is Key

On average, a tank hot water heater lasts 15 years. It’s important to replace a hot water heater regularly for newer, more efficient models on the market. You also have options! If your home has long been burdened by an ancient hot water heater, consider upgrading to a tankless hot water heater which are much more affordable to run with an endless supply of hot water. Unsure which system is best for you? Contact Lehigh Valley Water Systems and see the difference in your water heating bill!

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Do you have to run the faucet or shower for a long time before your hot water reaches you? A recirculating system or point-of-use hot water heater speeds up hot water delivery time and decreasing water usage. In traditional recirculating systems, there is a dedicated return line for hot water pipes from the furthest bathroom or feature to the water heater. Near the heater, the recirculating pump pulls the water from the furthest fixture back into your heater, creating the loop. That’s where the circulate in recirculate comes from! Another option is an instant hot water recirculating system, which come in a variety of setups with two main pump locations over the water heater and under the sink.

Trapping Heat

An inexpensive way to boost your heater’s efficiency, heat traps are loops or valves that come standard in most new water heater models but need to be added for older models. These inexpensive additions prevent water from escaping the pipes when the tank isn’t in use as well as preventing waste when water is flowing.

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