Our office will often get calls from private well water customers who are concerned that their well water might be contaminated with bacteria (e-coli/total coliform). Certainly, customers can test their water to see if bacteria may be present. However, with ever-changing water parameters, it is highly recommended that all private well customers have the professionals at Lehigh Valley Water Systems install an Ultraviolet Light (U.V.) Purification System to ensure their water is safe 24/7/365! 

How does a U.V. Light System work? 

The high-frequency ultraviolet blue light rays attack harmful infectious microorganisms in your water, efficiently limiting their ability to reproduce. 

Just as healthcare systems are using U.V. disinfection for hospital rooms and equipment. Our U.V. Light Purification Systems will eliminate 99.99% of any bacteria that could be lurking in your water. 

The best part is our U.V. Light System Purification systems are SAFE, CHEMICAL FREE, and LOW COST. 

Is there maintenance involved? 

The team at Lehigh Valley Water Systems will install the properly sized U.V. System that will only require yearly quartz sleeve cleaning and lamp/bulb replacement. This is a low cost yearly maintenance that will ensure the system will be working properly for years to come. The U.V. system has a timer which will alert the customer when it is due. Additionally, our office staff will contact you via text, phone call, and a post card that you’re due for service; and schedule one of our service technicians to come out to your home. There is no contract and maintenance agreement! 

The bottom line is, don’t risk your water being contaminated with bacteria.

For a limited time we are offering CURRENT customers $150 off if they have us install a U.V. Light system. Offer ends 9/30/2023

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