One of the greatest risks for people in summer time is dehydration. This risk becomes more critical to those without easy access to clean water. Is your water supply ready to meet your summer hydration needs?

Water Testing

One of the first steps to knowing if your water supply is safe to drink is to test it according to EPA standards. Lead is one of the worst components you can have inn your water and must be closely monitored for any contaminant changes. If your home is supplied by a well, it’s more critical to keep a close watch on the supply as wildlife, construction, and other contaminants are more active on land, in the air, and potentially in your water.

Water Safety - Cleaning and Filtration

Routine cleaning of drinking water sources and areas including facets and water fountains can help mitigate some water contamination issues, but the best way to provide safety for drinking water is to install a filter in your home or business. Contaminated water and poor sanitation can lead to severe diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, dysentery, and more, even in a place like the United States. Your water can become polluted by chemicals such as arsenic, fluoride, and chemicals in addition to lead.

Water Safety filtration

Water Safety - Dehydration

Suddenly feeling lightheaded and dizzy is one of the main warning signs of dehydration. Not drinking enough water when you’ve been sweating through even minor exercise can put you at danger. A heatstroke is the most severe form of dehydration when your internal temperature rises to high levels, your skin gets hot, and you risk passing out, hallucinations, and seizures.

Prevent dehydration and heatstroke by drinking refreshing, clean water this summer. If you have any concerns over how clean your water is or even if your water doesn’t taste good enough to drink, Lehigh Valley Water Systems offer water testing, water conditioning, and water filtration to guarantee you have the cleanest, safest water to wash away dehydration concerns this summer!

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