For years, Lehigh Valley Water Systems has been a trusted partner for businesses throughout the Greater Lehigh Valley, addressing their diverse water treatment needs. Quality water is an essential aspect of any successful business operation, and we are committed to ensuring that our local business community has access to the best water treatment solutions. In this November blog, we’ll explore the importance of commercial water treatment and the industries we proudly serve.

At Lehigh Valley Water Systems, our mission is clear: to provide businesses with top-notch water treatment services that help them save money, enhance customer satisfaction, and uphold their commitment to excellence. Our founders, Ben and Barry Long, understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses because they are small business owners themselves. Ben’s active involvement on the board of the Western Lehigh Chamber of Commerce is a testament to our dedication to representing and supporting the needs of businesses right here in the Lehigh Valley.

Our comprehensive range of commercial water treatment services caters to a wide array of industries. Here are some of the sectors we proudly serve:

Healthcare: Clean and pure water is crucial in healthcare settings. We ensure that medical facilities have access to high-quality water for patient care and facility operations.

Real Estate: For real estate professionals, water quality can impact property values. We help ensure that properties have safe and desirable water conditions.

Apartments: Providing residents with clean and safe water is a priority in apartment complexes. We assist property managers in maintaining water quality for their tenants.

Restaurants: Water quality is paramount in the foodservice industry. We offer water softening and filtration solutions to enhance the taste and safety of food and beverages.

Schools: Safe drinking water is essential in educational institutions. We work with schools to ensure students and staff have access to clean and healthy water.

Retail: Retail businesses rely on water for various purposes. Our services help ensure that water quality meets their specific needs.

Office Complexes: Maintaining water quality is essential for the well-being of office occupants. We provide solutions to enhance water quality in office buildings.

Churches: Churches and places of worship often require water for various activities. We help ensure their water supply is of the highest quality.

Funeral Homes: Clean and pure water is important in the funeral industry for various purposes, including embalming. We offer tailored solutions for funeral homes.

Car Dealerships: From car washes to service areas, water plays a significant role in car dealerships. We assist in maintaining water quality for these operations.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing processes often rely on water. We provide water treatment solutions that meet the unique requirements of manufacturing facilities.

Lehigh Valley Water Systems proudly serves the Greater Lehigh Valley area, including cities such as Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Bath, Quakertown, Emmaus, Macungie, Center Valley, and everything in between. Our commitment to the local business community is unwavering, and we are dedicated to providing businesses in our region with the highest-quality water treatment services available.

At Lehigh Valley Water Systems, we understand that water quality is critical for businesses to thrive. Our commitment to the Greater Lehigh Valley’s business community is driven by our desire to support local enterprises and ensure they have access to the best water treatment solutions. As we move into November, let us continue to serve your water treatment needs, helping you maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence in your operations. Contact us today to discover how we can enhance your business through superior water treatment services.

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