team of Lehigh Valley Water Systems

Barry Long first started in the water treatment business in 1976. Growing up on a dairy farm, Barry Long learned the value of hard work. With just $800 in his savings account and faith in the Lord, at the age of 22, Barry Long started another company (Longs Water). You guessed it, Lehigh Valley Water System owners are the original Longs water! 

God has a way of working things out, and after decades in business, God led Barry Long to sell the Longs Water Technology franchise. As God’s will would have it, Barry Long ended up reestablishing in business again in 2012 under the name, Lehigh Valley Water Systems. Operated by Barry Long and his son Ben Long, Lehigh Valley Water Systems is operated by the original Long family; and we are the local water experts. If you want to reach Barry Long or Ben Long, don’t get confused, call Lehigh Valley Water Systems! 

There are some exciting things to come, including moving our business operations into the original office building Barry Long purchased in the 1980s. We look forward to seeing you in our Orefield office in November of 2022! 

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