Salt Deliveries

Has your water felt any different as of late? Do you feel like your skin and hair are drier than usual when you step out of the shower? Do your clothes feel harsher and dingier after throwing them in the wash? And do your glasses and dishes have a layer of film that just will not go away no matter how many times you wash it? The difference you are feeling is hard water. There is no need to fret, as our team at Lehigh Valley Water Systems can handle this with ease.

Concerned about whether or not your home’s water is hard or not? Get in touch with us for a free basic water testing! This basic test will examine iron, hardness, pH, TDS, Nitrates, and Chlorine. If you are in need of any more thorough testing beyond the basic one, we will conduct one that is partnered with a group of EPA certified lab partners where things like bacteria and lead can be tested for.

We offer an array of water softener systems that will take care of hard water and have you forget about the effects that stem from it. Water is hard due to calcium and magnesium, so we remove these and in turn “soften” your water. This will lead to an extended life for water products within your house, ranging from water heaters to coffeemakers. 

When using a water softener system, you will need salt to help this process of softening your water. Having worked in this field for sometime, we understand the gripes that might come with having to utilize a system like this. From trying to remember to fill your salt tank when it gets low to having to carry copious amounts of the salt, this system can be a lot at times. So let us take some stress out of your life with our automatic salt deliveries service! Get in touch with us today via our contact page to get your quote!

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