If you’ve installed your new water filtration system in an unheated garage, vacation home, or other uninsulated areas, it could sustain possible freezing damage now that temperatures have fallen. Follow these steps to winterize your system and keep everything working well.

  1. Turn off the water softener by finding the main shut-off valve.
    Only do this if you don’t plan on using the water. If the system is in a garage or cold basement where it will need to operate year-round, insulate the space to protect the equipment.
  2. Open a faucet in the kitchen or bathroom to vent pressure.
  3. If using a single bypass valve, move the stem to the bypass. On a 3-valve bypass, close the inlet and outlet valves, open the bypass valve, and turn the water back on for water in the rest of the house.
    Unsure about what type of installation you used? Call Lehigh Valley Water Systems anytime for any winterizing, plumbing, and water concerns. We’re here to help!


Water Softener Unit

4. Unplug the transformer from the wall.

5. Move the large holding clips and separate the softener from the adapters or the bypass valve.

6. Remove the brine well cover and disconnect the brine tubing. Tip it upside down to drain.

7. Lay a 2-inch thick board or comparable elevated material near a floor drain to move the softener and drain.

8. Lay the softener carefully until the rim of the tank rests on your elevated platform so it is resting with the inlet and outlet being over the drain. Don’t let the softeners’ weight rest on the inlet and outlet fittings as they will break.

9. Lift and hold the softener from the bottom and drain the brine well and tank until fully drained.

10. Leave the softener on its side until ready to use again. Plug the inlet and outlets to keep out dirt, bugs, and other debris.

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