Low water pressure is a frustrating, inefficient pain at the best of times and a warning sign of costly repairs to come at the worst. Caused by a variety of reasons, diagnosing your water pressure woes can require some professional troubleshooting.

Regulator & Valves

The water pressure in some homes are controlled by a water pressure regulator – a valve that reduces the pressure coming into the house to prevent stress in appliances and pipes.  While sediment buildup on a regulator can increase or decrease your pressure to harmful or inefficient levels, the problem might not be entirely domestic.

While uncommon, homeowners with municipal water may find that low pressure can come from city water valve issues. Check the valves at the water meter outside your home and the house’s main shutoff valve. If there is a problem, do not operate the valve yourself. Call public works to take a look.

Faucets & Fixtures

The most common water pressure issue in the home – especially when it only involves one or a few fixtures – are the fixtures themselves. Aerators in faucets and fixtures are designed to reduce water volume from your faucets without altering pressure, but can become faulty over time with mineral buildup from hard water or rust. For a simple, short term fix, remove the aerators and clean them by soaking in vinegar, replacing them once clean. For a long-term solution, trust Lehigh Valley Water Systems to install water treatment solutions in your home and never worry about buildup problems again.

Pipes & Plumbing

The lifeblood of your homes’ water supply, pipes need a good deal of maintenance and checkups to keep the whole system running smoothly. If you detect a loss of water flow or pressure, check the pipes you can access immediately. You may have a leak that could lead to severe structural damage or worse – old, corroded pipes that could be affecting your water supply. Pipes also are prone to becoming clogged. The last thing you want to do is pull pipes apart looking for a clog and not be able to put them back together, so remember to hire your friendly professionals at Lehigh Valley Water Systems to help.

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