When it comes to well pumps, they can have their fair share of issues at times. The last thing you want is to have your system come screeching to a halt due to a problem. Here at Lehigh Valley Water Systems, keeping your well pumps running right is in our wheelhouse. For those curious about what problems might come about with water pumps to keep an eye out for, here are few to watch out for.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can cause several issues for well pumps, leading to reduced efficiency and potentially costly repairs. When the pressure drops, the pump may struggle to draw water from the well, causing it to overwork and potentially burn out. Additionally, low pressure can lead to air pockets forming in the pipes, which can create blockages and reduce the amount of water flowing through. This can cause damage to the pump and other components of the system, and may even lead to a complete shutdown of the well.

Pump Motor Issues

Pump motor issues can be a common problem for well pumps. There are various reasons why the motor may fail, such as overheating, low voltage, or general wear and tear. Overheating can occur if the motor is working too hard or if there is insufficient cooling. Low voltage can also cause the motor to fail as it may not be receiving enough power to operate efficiently.

Diagnosing Problems

Diagnosing problems with well pumps can be challenging, but there are some common signs of issues. These include no water or low water pressure, unusual noises, and increased electricity bills. It is crucial to consult a professional well pump technician to diagnose and repair any problems with your well pump to prevent further damage and ensure a reliable and safe water supply.

To ensure that your well pump is thriving each day, get in touch with our team at Lehigh Valley Water Systems when you notice an issue. To do so, head over to our contact page.

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